Impact Letters-Interview With Brad Reedy Ph.D.

In treatment of adolescents, Impact Letters are often misused explained Brad Reedy to Lon December 13,

The Corporate Culture’s Impact On Families-Steve Schultz Interview Oct. 12, 2018

In considering a school or program for struggling teens for their child, a parent should also

The Miracle of Wilderness Therapy I -Apr. 9, 2012 Interview With Larry Dean Olsen & Ezekiel Sanchez

Larry Dean Olsen and Ezekiel Sanchez  joined Lon April 9, 2012 to spend an hour sharing

Solutions For Learning & Attention Challenges-Interview With Jill Stowell

Jill Stowell, Founder and President of Stowell Learning Centers in California, joined Lon September 24, 2018

CEDU Education – “Here Forever”-On the 2005 Closing of CEDU

This was an essay written by Linda Shaffer the week after CEDU and Rocky Mountain Academy

CEDU-The Early Years

Bill Lane joined CEDU in 1974 and was one of the early staff.  He was with

What Does a Young Adult With Autism Need?-Interview With Bobby Jividen With NDFYA

Bobby Jividen, Academic Director for New Directions for Young Adults located in Florida and San Francisco

Treating ADHD In the Wilderness-Interview With Neal Christensen

Neal Christensen, Clinical Director and an owner of Elements Wilderness in Utah, joined Lon August 6,

The Parental Tool Box-Interview With Co-Authors Jim and Dayna Guido

Lon joined Jim and Dayna July 5, 2018 to discuss their new book “The Parental Tool

How Young Men Become Good Men-Interview With Author Dan Blanchard

  Dan Blanchard, an inner city teacher in Connecticut, talked with Lon June 23, 2018 about