Let’s Have a Discussion!

I’ve been working with schools and parents regarding helping their stuggling teens and young people since November 1984, and before.  Part of that was publishing Places for Struggling Teens online newsletter (www.strugglingteens.com) from June 1995 to April 2017.  During that time I’ve talked with thousands of referring professionals, program and school staff and students.  That so far has been my best education in what makes struggling teens and young people tick and how best to help them.

The national discussion continues and I would like to continue participating.  I’ll be posting comments and interviews here in this forum and hope some of you will share your thoughts and experiences with all of us.  Interventions for struggling teens and young people continue to evolve to better help these young people needing help and guidance, and we need to share the best and diverse thinking available.

I would love to learn from all of you, and hope what I have here is helpful to you.

Lon Woodbury – lonwoodbury@gmail.com       208-267-7717