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Taming the Bully Between Your Ears-Interview With Author Jeannie Cisco-Meth

Bullying on the playground or at work evolves from previous internal bullying of yourself explained Jeannie

How Are Our Kids Doing? – Interview With Angie Fusco

    Angie Fusco, Ex. Dir. of Auldern Academy (NC) explains her view that in our

From Synanon to CEDU-Interview With Bill Lane

Synanon was one of the Nation’s best-known alternatives to conventional drug treatment in the 1960s, explained

Making a Code of Character Real-Interview With Maryann Campbell

  Maryann Campbell, Executive Director of Glenholme School (a boading school in CT),  on April 4,

Who Is in Control? Your Child or the Screen? -Interview With Mont Criddle

Mont Criddle, therapist and founder of the Digital Recovery Program at Logan River Academy (UT) explained

Tapping into Nature vs. Tapping Phones-Interview with Dr. Michael (Dr. Mike) Bishop

Dr. Mike took time from his busy schedule as Ex. Dir. of Summerland Camps (NC,CA) to

How Can Learning Primitive Skills Help My Struggling Teen?-Travis Scheele

Listen to Travis Scheele, Field Director for Blue Fire Wilderness Therapy in southern Idaho, explain to

Why Community Based Recovery?-Stephanie Zwilling Interview

Listen to Stephanie Zwilling, Founder & Director of Providence Farm in Illinois, who wanted a place

A Faith Based Wilderness Therapy Model-Jory Hanselman, BaMidbar Wilderness

Jory Hanselman, Director of BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy opening January 1, 2018 in Colorado, explained to Lon

What Do You Mean My Daughter Is Borderline-Interview With Nikki Preece

f A Borderline diagnosis is based on a person with significant mood swings and distress, and