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From Synanon To CEDU-Interview With Bill Lane

  Bill Lane talked with me on May 23, 2018 to explain his personal experience in

How Are Our Kids Doing? – Interview With Angie Fusco

    Angie Fusco, Ex. Dir. of Auldern Academy (NC) explains her view that in our

Making a Code of Character Real-Interview With Maryann Campbell

  Maryann Campbell, Executive Director of Glenholme School (a boading school in CT),  on April 4,

Who Is in Control? Your Child or the Screen? -Interview With Mont Criddle

Mont Criddle, therapist and founder of the Digital Recovery Program at Logan River Academy (UT) explained

Tapping into Nature vs. Tapping Phones-Interview with Dr. Michael (Dr. Mike) Bishop

  Dr. Mike took time from his busy schedule as Ex. Dir. of Summerland Camps (NC,CA)

What Do You Mean My Daughter Is Borderline-Interview With Nikki Preece

f A Borderline diagnosis is based on a person with significant mood swings and distress, and

Why Your Kids Need Animal Fats-Interview With Sally Fallon Morell

Is what we have been taught about nutrition wrong?  Sally Fallon Morell, author and nutritionist and

Parents – Help Yourself First! – Chris McDuffie of Turning Point Addiction & Recovery Services

Chris McDuffie, CEO and Founder of Turning Point Addiction & Recovery Services (CA) joined Lon and

Adopting an Attachment Model In a Therapeutic Boarding School-Dec. 9, 2014 Interview With Nikki Preece

Nikki Preece (Now Nikki Garza), Ex. Dir. of Fulshear Ranch Academy, a therapeutic boarding school near

Midwest Academy (IA) Today With Ben Trane Nov. 25, 2014 (INTERVIEW)

In its 12th year as a coed therapeutic boarding school for teens ages 12-17, owner Ben