Five Tips In Working With Difficult Students-Dan Blanchard

Blanchard, a long time public school teacher in connecticut, author and speaker, shared some of what he has learned from working with students having trouble in school and/or with behavioral problems, with Lon in this interview on May 5, 2019. He has broken down what he has learned from these challenging students into the five most important tips any adults working with children need to keep in mind.

l. Have a mindset that they are inexperienced and often are emotionally younger than their chronological age.

2. That their logical capacity is not as strong as their emotions, and the more difficult the child is to work with, usually the more primitive their emotions.

3. Relationships are everything in being able to relate to the child, and the adult must create a safe environment in order to have a productive relationship.

4. The adult must create the climate that fosters good interactions, and very important elements of that are establishing a routine and have reasonable expectations.

5. If this does not work, don’t argue – that only creates a power struggle that gives the student control. The only power a child has is what the adult gives them.

Blanchard has written two books which are fictional stories that include many of the lessons he has learned from working with difficult students. The titles are “The Storm” and “A Sprint to the Top” and both are very readable novels I highly recommend and are available at and other major outlets in digital and print editions. -Lon


Listen here for the full interview as Blanchard explains his five tips.

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