How Are Our Kids Doing? – Interview With Angie Fusco

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Angie Fusco, Ex. Dir. of Auldern Academy (NC) explains her view that in our young people the good and bad extremes are still there but seem more intense than ever before.  Unfortunately, the regular kids are struggling more than ever before.  She outlines several modern elements in our society that seem to interfere with regular kids’ ability to reach their potential.  [Our thanks to Rich Simpson, owner of Pathways Abroad for providing our intro music].

Angie and Lon discuss the modern problems all kids are facing.

The newspapers and media are full of stories on how our kids are doing.  Both stories seem to come out:  That they are brighter and better educated than any previous generation, and they are in serious trouble and way too many are falling by the wayside.  The truth probably lies in the middle, with both being true, but for different kids.  The average ones seem to often be floundering and not making the standard markers at the same ages as previous generations.  These are not the outstanding ones, or those creating serious problems, but there seems to be something not going as well for those that don’t fit in either of the above categories.

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