John Dewey Academy (MA)-Ken Steiner Oct. 16, 2014

Ken Steiner, Headmaster of John Dewey Academy (MA)

Ken Steiner joined me in Oct. 16, 2014 to talk about John Dewey Academy in Massachusettes, its program and achievements.  Steiner was headmaster until retiring in 2016, having worked for the school for 26 years.

John Dewey Academy, located in Massachusettes, is a unique accredited therapeutic boarding school.  Founded in 1985 by the late Tom Bratter, it has always considered itself a College Prep, residential therapeutic boarding school.  From the beginning, it has emphasized high quality PhD level instruction.  The early years had intensive therapeutics but with no use of psychotropic drugs.  This has changed in recent years and medications are now used when seen as helpful.  They have always worked successfully with children with serious emotional/mental health problems, a few with a prognosis of probable lifetime institutionalization, before being turned around by the school.  The record of results continues to be amazing.  Virtually all of their graduates successfully earn College Bachelors degrees, with many graduating college with honors.  -Lon

Contact:  John Dewey Academy (MA)

This is one of a series of short interviews about developments in the network of private, parent-choice schools and programs helping struggling teens and young adults. The guests are innovative leaders in this network.

Listen to Steiner discuss the school and its program.

The purpose of therapeutic boarding schools is to help students with behavioral/emotional problems, the ones who fail in mainstream schools, both private and public.  Unfortunately, the healing side is so intensive, there is a tendency for academics to be less strong then the students are mentally capable of.  John Dewey Academy has shown that it is possible to have top quality in both therapeutics and academics.  It is not easy, but John Dewey Academy has shown that it is possible, that academics in a therapeutic boarding school does not have to be slighted.  -Lon

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