Making a Code of Character Real-Interview With Maryann Campbell


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Maryann Campbell, Executive Director of Glenholme School (a boading school in CT),  on April 4, 2018 explained to Lon the basics of how their school teaches character to their students.  She explained 24 hours a day the scool integrates six core values into every aspect of their school:  Responsibility, Respect, Honesty, Fairness and Community Service.  In addition, all the staff are trained in being role models and are expected to maintain that role at all times.  She explained by the time of their graduation, these values are embedded into the students more or less permanently.

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Listen to Maryann and Lon discuss Character Education

After perhaps a century of declining teaching character in our schools, it seems to be making a comeback.  Private schools like Glenholme School have always had character as an important part of their curriculum and some like early CEDU/RMA even emphasized it as top priority as “Emotional Growth Schools.”  The change in emphasis on teaching character as part of of the curriculum is really making a comeback in public schools.  The term I hear most often is “SED-Social and Emotional Development” and I constantly see articles of various experiments to add back this part of formal education.  This is a very heathy trend reversing an unfortunate 20th century tendency to exclude all but cognitive academics.   -Lon

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