Private Pay Is Not the Only Way-Interview With Shelley Skaggs

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How to access insusrance benefits to help pay for expenses for a private treatment facility for young adults was the topic with Shelley Skaggs, Marketing and Admissions Director for Benchmark Transitions, in a discussion with Lon April 23, 2019.

Benchmark Transitions started in 1993 as a Therapeutic Boarding School (Then known as an Emotional Growth Boarding School) and at that time was exclusively private pay. Benchmark has evolved with most of the rest of the therapeutic boarding schools and wilderness survival programs of that time to add more professional clinical staff and techniques which allows them to qualify for at least partial payment from parents medical insurance.

In this podcast Shelley describes how even if a parent is looking at placing their struggling child into a private-pay school or program, frequently their insurance program will qualify them for at least partial payment of the expenses. She explained the first step is to take a close look at their insurance plan, and enlist the help of the progam, and their educational consultant if they have one, in approaching their insurance company to have a better chance of obtinaing benefits.

Listen here to hear Shelley’s important guidance.

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