Taming the Bully Between Your Ears-Interview With Author Jeannie Cisco-Meth

Jeannie Cisco-Meth www.JeanieCiscoMeth.com www.BullyProofingYou.com

Bullying on the playground or at work evolves from previous internal bullying of yourself explained Jeannie Cisco-Meth, author of “Bully Proofing You” to Lon June 13, 2018.  Bullying yourself is the voices in your head that tells you “You Can’t Do That,” and is basically beating up on yourself or doubting your abilities.  It also prevents you from achieving your life mission Cisco-Meth continued.  Listen to Jeannie and Lon discuss the evolution of her thinking  about bullying over the last few years which is an intriguing insight into the dynamics of the bullying we see in everyday life.


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