What Does a Young Adult With Autism Need?-Interview With Bobby Jividen With NDFYA

Bobby Jividen
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Bobby Jividen, Academic Director for New Directions for Young Adults located in Florida and San Francisco joined Lon June 25, 2018 to discuss from an academic perspective what young adults with Autism need.  A lot of that includes mentoring and helping with Executive Function problems.  Another way that was described was to help them get their act together.  At New Directions the students start with some independence, living in their own apartments for example, and those college oriented often had a disastrous experience in college.  So Jimiden spends a lot of time initially reminding them to get to class, to work on their homework, remember to do and take back to school their assignments etc.  As these responsibilities become more of a habit, the program gradually backs off this direct intervention and encourages them toward the ultimate goal of full independence.

Contact:   Bobby Jividen, Academic Diector for New Directions For Young Adults (FL & CA)  954-571-5102  Bobby@NDFYA.com   http://www.NewDirectionsFYA.com

This is one of a series of short interviews about developments in the network of private, parent-choice schools and programs helping struggling teens and young adults. The guests are innovative leaders in this network.

Listen here for Bobby’s and Lon’s Discussion:

Autism has become a major issue in the last several years andworking with someone with autism can be very complicated sophisticated knowledge on the part of the professional is necessary.  However, like most things, some of the most important actions can be the most basic.  Like, reminding them of specific necessary tasks they need to do until they learn it as a habit.  This requires patience, sensitive observations, and common sense.  Sophisticated knowledge is important, especially for the more complicated cases, but patience, sensitivity and common sense has to be in the professional’s mind first.

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