Breaking Up With Sugar-Interview With Molly Carmel, Sept. 26, 2019

Molly Carrmel
Author Molly Carmel

Molly Carmel, Founder of The Beacon Program in New York City and author, joined Lon September 26th 2019 to discuss her forthcoming book “Breaking Up With Sugar.”  Molly has worked for 20 years with sufferers of obesity and similar Eating Disorders.

She emphasized to Lon that dieting is very ineffective for most people with weight problems and can even become an addiction itself.  She explained that while food intake is an important element in weight control, a more basic part of the solution is the person’s thinking, particularly seeing the problem as weight release, rather than as losing weight.

About sugar, she explained that a key element in a person’s thinking is realizing sugar can be destructive and toxic because it often upsets a person’s bodily system and will hijack it in weird and unanticipated ways.  Her book is full of observations and hints that can help a person build better control of their weight without suffering the pitfalls of the dieting industry.

Her book will be available the 1st of January 2020 at or through most other book outlets and can be preordered in those outlets or on her web page.

For further information about Molly Carmel and her Beacon program go to or .

Although this discussion applied to all ages, Molly has had several years experience working directily with adolecents, the ideas in this book and this discussion apply equally with young people. -Lon

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