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BaMidbar-Year One For Faith Based Wilderness Therapy-Interview With Jory Hanselman

BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy in Colorado has done well in their first year explained Jory Hanselman, the

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Prior to the 1960s about the only choice for residential treatment of teens with behavioral/emotional problems

The Miracle of Wilderness Therapy I -Apr. 9, 2012 Interview With Larry Dean Olsen & Ezekiel Sanchez

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Treating ADHD In the Wilderness-Interview With Neal Christensen

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How Can Learning Primitive Skills Help My Struggling Teen?-Travis Scheele

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A Faith Based Wilderness Therapy Model-Jory Hanselman, BaMidbar Wilderness

Jory Hanselman, Director of BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy opening January 1, 2018 in Colorado, explained to Lon