The Emotional Growth Challenge Archive

Educating Today’s Children-Interview Between Lon Woodbury and Dan Blanchard

Join Dan Blanchard and myself as we compare notes on our experiences working with difficult students.

Where Did Therapeutic Boarding Schools Come From?-Interview With Robert Kantar

Prior to the 1960s about the only choice for residential treatment of teens with behavioral/emotional problems

The Miracle of Wilderness Therapy I -Apr. 9, 2012 Interview With Larry Dean Olsen & Ezekiel Sanchez

Larry Dean Olsen and Ezekiel Sanchez  joined Lon April 9, 2012 to spend an hour sharing

CEDU Education – “Here Forever”-On the 2005 Closing of CEDU

This was an essay written by Linda Shaffer the week after CEDU and Rocky Mountain Academy

CEDU-The Early Years-Interview With Bill Lane

Bill Lane joined CEDU in 1974 and was one of the early staff.  He was with

From Synanon to CEDU-Interview With Bill Lane

Synanon was one of the Nation’s best-known alternatives to conventional drug treatment in the 1960s, explained

The CEDU/Rocky Mountain Academy Experience (1984-)-1

-Challenging the traditional mental health concepts and practices by assuming the problem was interrupted emotional growth

First Impressions of RMA-2

First Impressions of RMA-2 Lon Woodbury MA. IECA. CEP 208-267-7717 Everything you hear is opinion,

Examples of Existing teen problems-3

  Section Three- (The Problems of struggling young people as I saw it) Lon Woodbury MA.

Problematic National Trends-5

Lon Woodbury MA. IECA. CEP 208-267-7717 Everything you hear is opinion, everything you see is