BaMidbar-Year One For Faith Based Wilderness Therapy-Interview With Jory Hanselman

Jory Hanselman 720-835-2937

BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy in Colorado has done well in their first year explained Jory Hanselman, the Director of the first wilderness therapy program using Jewish learning to Lon Feburary 27, 2019. BaMidbar graduates (18 years of age and older) who are, so far, staying in touch with the program and successfully continuing the lessons they learned in the program continued Hanselman, including a lot of comments like they didn’t realize how much fun a program like that could be.

Contact: Jory Hanselman 720-835-2937

Lon Woodbury 208-267-7717

This is one of a series of short interviews about developments in the network of private, parent-choice schools and programs helping struggling teens and young adults. The guests are innovative leaders in this network.

Listen to Jory and Lon discuss her wilderness therapy program and its progress during their first year.
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