Who Is in Control? Your Child or the Screen? -Interview With Mont Criddle

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Mont Criddle, therapist and founder of the Digital Recovery Program at Logan River Academy (UT) explained to Lon on April 11, 2018 that when it comes to computer screens, parents must be assertive in limiting screen time for both themselves and their children.  He then described some ways to head off more serious screen obsession problems parents could use.

Listen here to Mont and Lon:

It seems like just about all kids, and especially teens, have smart phones and depend on them, often for several house each day.  One of the most common concerns expressed by educators is how a new technology like this will change not only how we communicate, but also that it will rewire their brains by adjustments to the new way of communicating.  Can you imagine what the world will be like if the upcoming generation communicates mostly through texting, or emoticons, or videos?  Could they lose social skills and all the rich non-verbal ways of communicating?

What do you think?  -Lon


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